Hinged wardrobe doors Versus Sliding Doors

A wardrobe can either have no door; have hinged doors or sliding doors. A wardrobe with no door makes the room look clumsy and unfinished. It is essential to choose the most suitable wardrobe doors depending on your tastes and preferences.

Which are the most known wardrobe door styles?

There are hinged doors or sliding doors. While one person will go for hinged doors the other might prefer sliding doors.

Hinged doors

Hinged doors are fitted to the wardrobe using hinges, and they open to the outside. This is a very traditional option but, it is used in contemporary society. The hinged doors give a room a vintage style, and they are not as off-putting. The hinged doors give you increased visibility of the interior of the wardrobe. You can open all the doors ajar while arranging your clothes, and this brings more light inside. You can see all your clothes when you open the doors and thus makes it easier for you to decide what to wear. The back of the doors can offer more storage space for coats, and one can also install a full-length dressing mirror. The hinges are readily available and can be replaced. However, the door cannot support heavy clothing or heavy mirrors as the hinges can fall off.

Hinged doors wardrobe (Image;archiexpo.com)

Sliding doors

The sliding doors give a room a modern look and make it seem more spacious. They are larger and thus offer more space for storage. They can be fitted in small rooms as the doors slide on the tracks and not open to the outside. The sliding doors on wardrobes make the room feels more spacious, and for example, if it is mirrored it can reflect light and illuminate the room. Sliding doors can be fitted on wardrobes in spacious or small rooms, and the room will have an elegant finish to it. Sliding doors wardrobe (Image;lovefurniture.ie)